Kentucky Loses Battle Against Online Casinos

Earlier in 2008 you may have heard of the large court case that the state of Kentucky made against online casinos and how they were taking away from the economy of that state. In particular there were 141 domain names that were to be seized depending on the ruling of the courts. Luckily for the online casinos that seizure of the domain names will not occur- at least not for now.

It turned out that under Kentucky law the names of the domains did not fall under any gambling infraction and could not be seized which overruled a previous ruling that occurred in October of 2008. Poker sites are breathing a small sigh of relief as several popular names in online casinos such as Bodog and Full Tilt Poker were targets of the ban.

With the new government in power online casinos all around are feeling much lighter and all around a little ease when it comes to Americans that choose to gamble online. And while the activity is not exactly legal just yet – those are the hopes of both online casino operators, owners and of course those that wish to play online as well.

 Kentucky Loses Battle Against Online Casinos 1

The world is waiting for a change and some sort of regulation for the online gambling industry in the US. This will make for a lot of changes and an influx of money into the community and those involved such as online casinos and affiliate programs as well. No word has been heard yet on when an answer will come but it is likely to be sometime within the next few months.