Head of BetonSports Says He’s NOT Guilty

There are plenty big names in online gambling on the operations end. One of those names is none other than David Carruthers who is the head honcho at BetOnsports which is an online gambling site that takes bets on sports as well as other sports related activities. According to one article he withdrew his guilty plea only a few days before his sentencing and is now claiming that he is not guilty.

Prior to this news, he had agreed to be sentenced this coming week with an acceptance of up to 3 years in prison for admitting to operate an online gambling website that was considered illegal and allowing US players to make bets and accept their monetary transaction even though knowing that it was against the law.

When Carruthers was originally arrested the charge was for illegally accepting bets over the internet from US players this happened while he was on an airplane on his was to Europe and Costa Rica. This is all a big surprise to everyone that was involved in the situation because as Carruthers attorneys had been fighting for him for a long time now they were also planning to simply ask for a house arrest during his sentencing this week instead of the prison deal and this would basically make him a free man.


There were other people involved in this case as well. The verdict is still out on how they feel and how the entire situation will affect them. The lawyers and anyone else directly involved in this case is not prepared to speak with regards to this situation at this time.