Great Bonus at Casino Tropez

The online casino has always been very good at offering enticing deposit bonuses. They are currently offering a great bonus that will see players coming back and making deposits time and time again. This deposit is called the $2700 Free Sunday bonus!

The rules for this bonus offer are simple. You do not have to be a new player but you have to make a commitment to make some deposits. Every Sunday you will be permitted to make a deposit of any value and that deposit will be matched up to 100% of any value under one hundred dollars. You will be allowed to do this every Sunday for 27 Sundays in a row!

That is how you get 2700 dollars worth of free money. The online casino is very clever because people wont be afraid of spending what they deposit because they will know that they get a free refill every Sunday anyway.


There are plenty of other great promotions that the online casino offers at any given time because they know that they have different players and members and not everyone likes the same kind of deal. So by creating various promotions they are catering to every kind of player and making sure that all the bases are covered and that players have a variety to choose from.