Fun New Games at Online Casino

With the new year beginning is starting the year off in a fun way by launching four new games that are sure to be entertaining for those looking to find a new favourite slot.

The slot games that this website has added will all be video slot games but are all very different from one another offering players great selection and choice. This has been a standard for this online casino being very well known around the world for its every innovative games and large selections for all members.

The four new games that are being launched this month include a new video poker game, a progressive video slot game that is sure to be a hit, a new polar bear game and a golden video slot game.

 Fun New Games at Online Casino 1

The focus of the poker game will be to allow players to increase their winnings on an all or nothing concept. Players can choose to put their money on the line for up to 8 hands in a row. Allowing them to win up to 8 times their original win as long as they keep winning hands.

The progressive slot mega moolah allows players the opportunity to have a chance to play the progressive jackpot 4 times. This video slot has randomly reappearing jackpot bonus games that give the player more chances to win.

The polar bear game is titled Polar Pioneers and allows players to play an uncomplicated slot game with many fun bonus games and secret prizes along the way.

And lastly they will be adding a new 20 payline video slot that will let players have the chance at 50 times their bet if they are the lucky players. This game is the newly designed liquid gold.