Cryptologic Launches New Online Casino Games

Cryptologic, who is a huge online casino software designer has released the launch of 3 new games that they will be launching this month. One of the games will be a Spider Man game that is based on the Character that is popular throughout the world among children and adults originating from the ever known Marvel Comic Superhero line up.



All games that are being launched this month will be a series of video slot games. The Spider Man game is a 25 line payout game and offers players the opportunity to battle evil and save innocent civilians as Spider Man climbs walls and buildings collecting coins and winning bonus games and free spins.

Brian Hadfield who is the CEO and President of Cryptologic says that it is one of their most important strategies to create branded video slot games, he mentions that these games are often the best generators of interest and yield some of the highest and most successful incomes of any games that they offer to the online gambling market in recent times.

The other two games that Cryptologic will be launching are games called Dragon Sword which is based on a hero trying to save the day through a frightening forest and also another game called Atlantic City Blackjack which is exactly what it sounds to be but has several new features that allow players to make pre-determined bets and offer some newer animations and graphics to the players that already know and love the games.