Chance to Pick the Best Online Casino

The website is currently rounding up nominations and votes for what online gamblers in the US believe to be the best online casino around. will be taking votes for the 2009 USA Player’s Online Casino Awards.

In previous times the selection process for the best online casino was internal but for the first time (and good timing it is, as American players are offered less and less) the American online population will get an opportunity to voice their opinion and make a vote towards the best online casino that caters to all their needs and allows them to continue to enjoy the wonderful world of online gambling.

So do you have a site in mind for a nomination? Well here is the minimum criteria that must be met in order to qualify, Firstly the website must allow players from everywhere in the US to have access and be able to play online from their current locations. The website must also be in good running order and boast great customer service. If that wasn’t enough the site must also have a large and above average quality of games for players to choose from as well as having a friendly user interface and a high online member satisfaction rating.

 Chance to Pick the Best Online Casino 1

‘We hope that gamers will find this a good outlet for their opinions,” said Frank Pineiro, Business Manager for “We look forward to seeing which casinos are ranked as the best.’

The winning website will be announced on February 3rd so get your votes in quickly because your opinion counts and will be awarded. Voters that make a vote between now and the deadline will receive an online casino bonus and will be entered to win a prize.