Australian Wins $75,000 at Online Casino

A winner from Australia, who wishes to remain unidentified has won a sum of $75,000 at The man won the sum while playing Pokies online. This has been by far been the biggest jackpot winner at the web site. The winner is believed to be only 23 years old and is a resident of New South Wales.

The winner commented, “I saw an ad for $1,000 free for playing at the casino. So I decided to start playing as I had a good month at work. I was doing OK financially and had a bit of spare cash and figured it couldn’t hurt having a go – nothing ventured, nothing gained as they say.” he added, “I downloaded the Pokies available to play online and started with just dollar bets, but soon the Pokie I was playing started giving feature after feature – it seems like it just wanted to pay out. I eventually got my money up to about $400 and decided to risk the lot on five dollar hits – similar to what I do playing pokies down the pub. It’s risky but sometimes it works.”

The winners balance by then had touched over $70,000, and he walked away with nearly $76,000 finally. This was followed by a call from the casinos customer service congratulating him on this achievement.

Australian Wins $75,000 at Online Casino 1