Another Winner Takes Home Big Bingo Jackpot

Coatbridge, located near Glasgow, now has the reputation as the best place to win huge bingo jackpots. The place has seen two large national bingo game platinum jackpot winners come in this year. The first winner was Soraya Lowell who broke the world record for the biggest bingo win on March 23rd of this year as she scooped up just under £1.2 million pounds on the platinum jackpot prize. The second winner is an unidentified 62 year old woman who won just over £168,000.

The first winner, Soraya Lowell, won her huge cash prize while playing at the Club 3000 bingo hall in Coatbridge, while the latest winner was playing bingo at Gala Bingo at the Faraday Retail Park, Coatbridge. The 62 year old lady speaking about the win said, “I am yet to get over the shock. I am delighted at my win.” She added, “I have always played at the same Club. The date was the 27th of the 7th and the last two numbers I needed for the full house were 7 and 27.”

The latest winner called house in 43 numbers. First she won the afternoon platinum jackpot prize of £160,250, plus the regional prize of £6,880, the zone prize of £1,064 and the in house prize at Gala Bingo of £65, which give her total winnings of £168,844 for an afternoon at her local bingo hall. The winner is married with three daughters and six grandchildren, who she said will be treated from her bingo winnings.

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