Another Millionaire Made at Online Casino

An online casino has revealed the name of the latest online made millionaire. Rens S. From Holland has taken home $2,476,250 from a progressive jackpot win on an online video slot game. The player says that they are absolutely shocked that this could happen to them and are more than thrilled at the run of good fortune that they have experienced.

The online casinos currently has several other large progressive jackpots for online video slot games that are just waiting for the right combination to trigger the next win and make some other individual extremely happy.

The funny thing is that the wins that make a very lucky few walk away with literally a fortune are actually loses of their fellow players and often themselves. Progressive jackpots are made from a pre determined amount that is added to a particular progressive jackpot from every spin that is made at that particular slot machine that that jackpot is associated with. So more frequently than not players are actually paying into their own future win whether they have won or lost the previous spin that they had made.

Players that play at online casinos are often looking for large jackpots because of the common belief that very large sums are just a few spins away from being hit. If this belief means anything to you then heading to would be the right thing to do as there are several progressive jackpots at this online casino that are currently growing and you can be the next lucky winner.

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