Advertsing Firm ‘BBH Sport’ Teams With BWIN, an Online Sportsbook and Gambling Casino, To Pave A New Road For The Future of Off-shore Gaming

Formerly known as ‘Betandwin,’ BWIN Interactive Entertainment AG was an online casino and betting company originally operating out of Australia. With the various and constant changes in the laws regarding online gambling specific to different countries through out the world, BWIN operated out of several countries including Belize, one of the more popular places for online gambling companies to use especially for dealing with the legal ramifications of doing business with U. S. citizens.

For a little background on Bwin, it merged with PartyGaming PLC in 2011 becoming Bwin.Party Digital Entertainment. This company was then bought by GVC Holdings in 2016. GVC had its beginnings in 2004 in Germany and has grown considerably over the years and is listed on the London Stock Exchange. GVC has shown an increase in annual dividends that they attribute directly to their acquisition of BWIN with its continued growth and a future that points to a more positive shift in laws and regulations when it comes to offshore gambling.

While online gambling casinos offer a wide variety of table games including poker; the absolute king of online gaming is the sportsbook.

Worldwide more than $100,000,000.00 is bet on just the super bowl alone. ( Reference: ) Yes, that’s one hundred million dollars. 10% is $10.000.000; the take for the bookmakers. Online gambling is a multi-billion dollar global industry and that translates to being a very serious business.

These online sites are constantly concerned not only with the many and ever-changing legal issues in 50 + countries, they also know with this much money at stake that reputation can be everything. The world of high stakes players is a select group and the online gaming corporations know they are aware of each other and that conversations regarding the best and the safest, the most trusted online casinos, are everyday discussions.

To understand the future impact of off-shore betting check out that even Microsoft wants in on the action as written in this ESPN report.

With the information above, it’s clear why a marketing firm would not only accept, but actually invite, an online gambling casino to become one of their clients.

This is why Bwin Interactive Entertainment AG and is now a client of a high profile marketing and publicity entity like BBH Sport.

BBH Sport is a highly specialized advertising and marketing firm focused on, you guessed it, sports. They see the changing landscape and where it is heading for online sports betting and gambling. They want their image to be, ‘We are ahead of the curve; we catch the wave early rather than stand on the sidelines with our hands in our pockets and our heads down. If that’s what you want for your marketing, bland and soft, we don’t want to do business with you.’

The attitude, especially when it comes to sports betting, has been slowly changing to one of acceptance and mentioned so often in sports show on radio and television for all the public to see and hear that the word ‘Hypocrisy’ should be the headline for anything to do with sports betting.