A Taste of the Orient for Online Casino

In order to celebrate the New Year by the Chinese calendar, the online casino called LuckyCasino18.com has launched a new game called Happy Golden Ox of Happiness, and while the name seems a little off which is perhaps only a matter of translation. It is quite suiting seeing as we are currently in the year of the Ox by the Chinese calendar.

This new online video slot game is currently available for play at this only casino and offers players a progressive jackpot that has already reached an impressive $15,000 dollars and is climbing up by the minute. The game itself is a filled with symbols which are all from the Chinese calendar of 12 animals and has five total reels resulting in 50 pay lines for players to enjoy.

The game offers players a stop feature so that each player has the ability to stop the spinning as they wish. The game also has a free spin bonus that allows players to win an unpredictable amount of free spins at any given time.

 A Taste of the Orient for Online Casino 1

The progressive jackpot grows with each spin that is made by any player that is playing the game and has yet to have a winner.

This game is sure to be a hit and can be hours of entertainment for a player at the online casino since there are many people that follow the Chinese calendar and believe in the luck that is derived from falling into any one animal character which corresponds to the year that they were born.