5 Fantastic Offers From La Isla Online Casino

Just in time for the holiday season La Isla online casino has announced that they will be launching several new promotion offers. This December there will be plenty for players to choose from starting with the Lucky 21 promotion which is currently ready for action.

In this promotion the player receives a bonus for ever 21 dollars that they deposit into their accounts. The casino will be offering an extra double bonus for depositing during the week of Christmas and a free bonus that requires absolutely no deposit on Christmas day.

As a part of the Lucky 21 promotion there a few other details to remember . The closer we get to Christmas the better the deals!! If you deposit 21 dollars in the first week than you will get 5 free dollars in your account in the week to follow.

 5 Fantastic Offers From La Isla Online Casino 1

When you deposit 21 dollars the second week you will get 50% more in your account right away and you can do this 10 times a day
Deposits that are made the week of December 17-23 will get players double points and double rewards deposited into your account on the following week.

Players will get a special free gift in their account on December 24th that they can use that day towards their favourite online casino game.

And lastly, if you decide to play on Christmas than you will qualify for yet another bonus for the week of new years eve. So playing this holiday season is more rewarding than ever before!