32Red Online Casinos Sees Same Winner for the 5th Time!

The players that is quite possibly the luckiest player in online casino history has already cashed in from the online casino 32red.com yet again. Making this his fifth win in under a year time and probably sitting in front of his computer expecting the wins to keep coming in – and we don’t blame him one bit.

The player has been playing at online casino 32Red.com for quite a bit of time now and says that he loves to play at this online casino and really believes that he can keep on winning time after time. We don’t blame him for these thoughts as he just recently cashed in to his 5th win in September of this year making that raise his grand total of winnings to a sum that is over 100,000 GBP. All the wins that this play has experienced from this online casino have been over five figures long which gives him a decent chunk of change every time!

The player’s game of choice is Cash Splash, an automated online casino slot that is typical to the traditional slot and is grouped with special bonus rounds that allow players to get such great possibilities such as this lucky winner.

 32Red Online Casinos Sees Same Winner for the 5th Time! 1

This man is quite possibly the luckiest man in online casino history and while the winning sum is not the highest we have ever seen it is actually quite astonishing that he has one so many times in such a little window of time. The online casino is quite happy to award him and wish him much luck in the future and many more wins to come.