£3.9 Million Lottery Jackpot Winners

Stan and Pat Cable have promised eachother that they would not be spending their £3.9 million lottery jackpot on luxury goods, or expensive houses.  They want to buy a caravan!

The 59 year old lady revealed that she had been yelled at by her husband after spending £100 on a new Radley bag. She said, “I had gone shopping on Saturday with my niece, and I bought a new hand bag for my self. When I got home my husband was clearly not happy.”

Stan, 62 who retired from his job as a ground worker 10 years ago due to bad health said, “I was incredulous, when she told me she had spent that much on a new bag.” He added, “Having been careful, while spending money all these years, any expenditure like this is wasteful.”

 £3.9 Million Lottery Jackpot Winners 1

Both Stan and his wife were recently living on a paltry sum of $500, which was the combination of his pension and disability allowance. After their large win, they will get a sum of $10,000 in interest monthly, as they share their win with another lucky winner. Pat joked, “It would be difficult for us to spend $10,000, let alone $3 million.”

They are planning to buy a caravan and a new sofa which would replace their eleven year old Vauxhall Vectra and would go on a cruise.