2009 Will be a Big Year for Online Casinos Worldwide

While today may be a day of recovering for many that spent the night partying and bringing in new hopes and wishes for 2009, Online Casinos worldwide are hopeful that 2009 will bring them much more than just a little hope. Online Casinos throughout the world are counting on 2009 (in particular sometime towards the end of January) to bring back the US gamblers that the US government took away from the industry some time in 2006.

Since the US population is likely to represent almost 50% of gamblers worldwide, the potential of claiming back this market means millions and millions of dollars to online casinos everywhere. The entire industry will change this year with the comeback of this market as many online casinos began their life by simply catering to US players.

US players are just as excited about this as the online casinos themselves. US players currently have the option of playing online at some casinos that do except them but it is less than a fun process because most financial institutions and well known online casinos have blocked all access due to government regulation and probation.

 2009 Will be a Big Year for Online Casinos Worldwide 1

If the US regulation does pass as suspected the online casino industry is sure to see many new members enter the online market and the industry is sure to become even more competitive than it currently is already.

Either way, for the general online gambler 2009 promises to be a year of good things to come, Happy New Year!