Major Millions

Major Millions

Current Jackpot: €2,206,399

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Microgaming is certainly no strangers to progressive slots as they are known for producing some of the very best that you will find. Major Millions is one of their oldest and most popular progressive slots and despite being around for a good few years now, it is still one that we feel deserves its place among the best progressive slots at the online casinos.

The Major Millions jackpot is worth €2,206,399 right now and on average this jackpot pays out €644,752 every 21 days. The Major Millions jackpot was last hit on July 1, 2018, awarding the winning player €1,891,157 at that time. Try you luck and join the other happy Major Millions winners!

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This 5-reel, 15-payline slot was released in 2004 and is, therefore, a good thirteen or so years old now. Despite this, it is still a progressive slot that is enjoyed a lot at the online casino by players who are hoping to land its well-known progressive jackpot. This jackpot pays out on average about once every six weeks and this is usually well into the four – to five hundred thousand.

Major Millions has a low variance level, and RTP of 89.37% and has features such as wild symbols, scatter symbols and that elusive yet lucrative progressive jackpot. Designed to be simple to play but with huge potential, this slot by Microgaming is one that any experienced slots player should try out at least once.

We have always loved the excellent slots that Microgaming has produced over many years and this one reminds us a little of where online slots have come from and where they are going. The fact that it still gets played regularly today though really is a testament to how good it is. Read on to find out more!


This progressive slot is themed around a fictional naval major called Major Millions and he looks like the kind of guy that you shouldn’t mess with. This is especially the case with the military might that he seems to have at his disposal.

Still, he might just be able to help you win a nice little payout or two and possibly even the massive progressive jackpot if you were to get lucky enough.

We don’t want to keep mentioning the age of this slot but this will be the reason why there are limited features. There are wild and scatter symbols of course but no bonus feature of note which is a little disappointing.

With such a big progressive jackpot on offer, however, there will always be a reason to play this slot at the online casinos. It pays out regularly and is often worth life-changing money.

Graphics and Sound

Let’s face it, this slot is one of the oldest around so expectations regarding the graphics and animations should be lowered. They are certainly not able to compete with the latest and greatest slot that is launched on a weekly basis.

They are still of a decent quality mind you and graphics are hardly that important anyhow. This is not a video game you are going to be playing but an online slot that has the potential to make you quite wealthy from a single lucky spin.

The sound is very generic as well but once again, this is just an aesthetic nature of the game and can always be turned off if it starts to get too annoying.

There is not much to see in terms of the background on this slot as the reels pretty much fill up most of the screen. What you do see of it is a deep blue colour while at the bottom of the screen is the games betting and spin controls. You can alter your spin bet amounts here, check out the paytable or even just click ‘max bet’ if you have the bankroll and are feeling confident.

As for the reels, they contain a bunch of colourful symbols that we will talk about in more detail such as their values in the next section. 

Base Game Symbols

We like a slot that shows a little bit of imagination with its base game symbols as there are far too many that have been a bit lazy and use the same tried and tested symbols such as fruits, jewels or playing card symbols for some of their lower paying amounts.

On Major Millions, they have at least made sure that each symbol on the reels is theme-related no matter what its value is.

The Major Millions character is where you can get some of the best single payouts on the game as five of this symbol on an active payline will bring a return of 1,000x the line bet. A battleship, fighter jet and tank symbol are among the other higher-paying symbols while symbols such as a top secret file, war medals, captains hat, ammo crate and binoculars are responsible for payouts from the lower end of the spectrum.

Wild Symbols

Wild symbols are commonplace on online slots and will always be one of the more handy symbols you will see on the reels.

In the case of wild symbols on Major Millions, these are represented by the slots logo and they actually offer a good little multiplier on any wins that they help to create on the reels. As most of you will know, wild symbols work by becoming a substitute for all symbols on the reels (except scatter symbols) and will help to complete winning combinations.

This is true for wild symbols on Major Millions as well but the combinations they create will also pay out triple due to a 3x multiplier that has been attached to the wins created by wild symbols.

Scatter Symbols

Scatter symbols are given their name due to being able to produce wins or unlock bonuses even if they are found scattered all over the reels in different places. There is no need for them to be on the same active payline or on any payline at all. They just have to be found in view on the reels to come into effect.

Scatter symbols on Major Millions do not unlock any bonus features they do give players a chance at pulling in some payouts should they find them anywhere on the reels. At least three of them will be required and should a player land them three, four or five times in view on the reels, they will be rewarded with payouts of 3x, 10x and 50x the total spin bet respectively.

Progressive Jackpot

We mentioned that this is one of the older progressive jackpot slots from the Microgaming stable and for that reason, there is no main bonus round to show for in this slot. Is there really much need for one though when you consider it has a progressive jackpot that is shown to pay out at least once every six weeks?

When we described the wild symbols earlier in this review of Major Millions, we purposely left out the fact that this is where the slots progressive jackpot can be won. We felt that it needed a section all to itself as it is not as straightforward as finding five of the wild symbols on a single payline.

Inf act, winning the progressive jackpot will require you to land those five wild symbols on the 15th payline only and not on any other payline.

Betting Range

Major Millions was first released back in 2004 and is, therefore, one of the oldest progressive slots around. This would explain the rather low betting range of between 0.20 and 3.00 per spin.

However, this is ideal for players that plan to play for a long time and do not want to task too much in a single bet each time. Furthermore, as this slot is now mobile-optimised, it also makes it a good slot to pick and play whenever you have a few minutes spare when out and about.

Why Play Major Millions

We are struggling to think of any other online slot that has been around as long as Major Millions has and in terms of being a progressive slot, still able to attract enough players to create some lucrative jackpot payouts.

In our opinion, while there are some slots that we would consider to be better than Major Millions these days, there really aren’t that many. And the ones that are just about shade it in playability and gameplay.

Major Millions might not be full of the bonus features that others have, it provides a simple yet lucrative online gambling experience for anyone that has designs on maybe winning a vast sum of money.

If you have not yet given Major Millions a run for its money, why not go and try it out now at your favourite online casino? You might just find that it is the perfect fit! Even if you are not totally convinced right now, you can still play the free version to see if it ticks all of your boxes.