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Funky Fruits

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We have always liked it when slot developers try to be a little unique in what they offer as it can get quite boring playing the same type of online slot over and over again. Playtech has managed to do exactly that with their progressive slot ‘Funky Fruits’, as it discards the common reel formats that you will see everywhere and instead uses a 5×5 grid format for players to play on.

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This slot uses a cascading tiles format which means that the symbols all drop in from the top and any winning combinations will disappear and allow further symbols to fall into the vacant spaces left behind.

Funky Fruits has an RTP of 93.97% and is considered by most to be a low variance slot. We have to agree with the latter as there are always wins that come frequently but these are usually small wins. The idea is obviously to play the long game with this slot and hope that some of the bigger wins come your way eventually.


We touched upon the fact that Funky Fruits does away with the standard reel formats that you will see in most online slots. In fact, there are not even any reels so its hard to even classify this as an online slot per se. What you have instead are fruits that that drop down into this grid in a cascading fashion.

What this format almost guarantees is regular wins and the possibility for a chain of wins to occur as each symbol that is a part of a winning combination disappears after it has been credited to your account balance. Symbols will then fall in and potentially create further wins. In some cases, this process can keep happening multiple times and therefore give you an excellent combined total of payouts.

In order to form winning combinations, the symbols must land directly next to or below or above each other and be of the same type. There has to be a minimum of five of the same symbol that is connected in this way for a payout to be issued but in many cases, you can get as many as 16 or more of the same symbol connected.

Graphics and Sound

Although quite simple, the graphics and animations on Funky Fruits are very impressive indeed. Each of the symbols on the reels has their own animations and they almost seem alive on the reels.

The backdrop is that of a beach (we are not sure why) with a surfboard next to the grid/reels and to the right, you have the betting information and the current amount that is in the progressive jackpot.

Base Game Symbols

There are six different fruit symbols on the reels and these are Cherries, lemons, oranges, pineapples, plums and watermelons. These symbols will all offer varying payouts depending on which one and how many have been found in a winning combination.

Cherries are the most lucrative and are where you can land the progressive jackpot but you will not see these quite as often as the others. Lemons are next up and should you land more than 16 of these in a winning combination, you will earn yourself 5,000x the total spin bet.

With so many different payouts available from between 5 and 16+ combinations that can be made from each fruit, it would be best advised to check the games pay table. Essentially though, the more fruits you have in a combination, the more you are going to win.

Progressive Jackpot

The amount you are awarded when winning the progressive jackpot will depend on the amount of your bet per spin. This means that even if you do not bet the highest possible amount, instead of missing out completely like on many other progressive jackpot slots, you will still win a percentage.

This is how it is broken down:

  • If you have bet 1.00 per spin – 10% of the jackpot is awarded
  • If you have bet 2.00 per spin – 20% of the jackpot is awarded
  • If you have bet 5.00 per spin – 50% of the jackpot is awarded
  • If you have bet 10.00 per spin – 100% of the jackpot is awarded

Winning the progressive jackpot is done when you manage to match at least eight of the cherry symbols on the reels. This online slot is known to payout on this progressive jackpot on average about once every three months which means that there are going to be four lucky winners in 2018 – are you going to be one of them?

Betting Range

Funky Fruits by Playtech has quite a small betting range but when you are having the sort of fun that it provides, this really pales into significance. Bets can be placed of between 1.00 and 10.00 per spin and what you need to remember is that the amount you do bet will affect the percentage of the progressive jackpot that is on offer. We spoke on this above, so check it out again if you missed it or skipped that section.

Why Play Funky Fruits

We have always enjoyed Funky Fruits as it makes for a great distraction when you feel like playing an online slot that is a little different. Despite being a bit different, it still provides a lot of potentials, lots of action and of course a progressive jackpot that is known to grow big before it pays out.

There are no features of note other than we suppose you could call the cascading symbols a feature of this slot all on its own. Apart from that though, all of the action takes place on the grid in front of you. To be honest, however, there is always so much action going on there that there is little need to have any bonus games or whatnot.

If you want something that is different to anything else out there but still has a progressive jackpot, go and check out Funky Fruits. We are confident that you will like what it has to offer and will become a regular player.