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Let It Ride poker

Let It Ride poker has become a seriously popular poker variant in recent years, but did you know it just one of many poker variants that you can now play online? In most online casinos you visit, you will find far more than Let It Ride poker, and each game is quite different, whilst at the same time, maintaining that similar hand structure. Below are nine of the best other poker games that you can play, whilst visiting any one of the top online casinos out there on the web.

3 Card Poker

Three card poker, is one of the earliest poker games. Players play with both ante and play betting circles, and a Pairs Plus side bet if they wish. Once an ante bet has been placed, the player must choose whether to fold or play, and if the player decides to fold they will then lose their ante, if the player decide to play they place a bet equal to the ante in the play circle.

The dealer must have a queen high to qualify for play. The highest possible hand a player can have in 3 Card Poker is a straight flush, whilst the Pair Plus side bet bonus is won if a player has a pair in their hand.

Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean Stud has become popular due to its progressive jackpot, which can be won via a side-bet. A house edge of just 5% has also peeked players interest in the card game. Played against the dealer’s hand only, the player must make an ante bet and will receive 5 cards, whilst the dealer has 4 cards that are face down, and also one card that is face up.

Players can either fold or call, which involves having to make a bet double the size of the ante. The dealer qualifies with an Ace-King high, and a royal flush is the best hand possible in this game. The progressive game is won if a player has placed a side bet and lands a royal flush. Smaller pay-outs are possible for other hands in the progressive side bet game.

Casino Hold’em

Casino Hold ‘em is very similar to Texas Hold ‘em. The basic premise the same anyway, although there 2 cards less to start off with. The player is dealt 2 cards, and there are 3 community cards.

Players must make the best 5 card hand they can, with their two cards and the 3 community cards. Eventually 5 community cards (board cards) will be present as the game progresses. The player can fold, or double the ante bet with a call. In order to qualify, the dealer must have a pair of 4s or better.

Red Dog Poker

The player must place an ante bet, as always, in this poker variant. However the number of cards dealt varies from game to game. Often there are only 3 cards in use in Red Dog Poker (although other games contain 4 or 5 cards). Two cards are dealt initially, and if the cards contain a consecutive set of numbers, (i.e. 5 and 6), the bet is returned.

If the cards are of equal value, a third care is dealt out. A three of a kind will pay out big for the player here. In the event of none of these happening, a spread is declared a third card is announced. If the third card falls between the values of the first two cards, the player wins. Red Dog is known as a very complicated game for first time poker players.

Mulligan Poker

Mulligan Poker is a relative newcomer in the poker world. Mulligan Poker allows a player to replace their entire hand, though they must increase their wager. It is very similar to five card draw in this respect. If they do, the player must also lose any bonus bet they have placed, and the cards are dealt face up.

The dealer’s hand will also be uncovered at the same time, and if they have a king-high or less, they must also accept a mulligan, which means another hand. If you are wondering, mulligan is a term used in golf, and it means redo.

Oasis Poker

Oasis Poker is very similar to Caribbean Stud Poker. In fact, the rules of this game are identical to Caribbean Stud Poker, which the exception that the player is permitted to change cards before the raise or fold decision.

The decision to do this will cost them extra though. Just like Caribbean Stud Poker, Oasis Poker allows players to make a side bet for the progressive jackpot, players are dealt 5 cards, and one of the dealer’s cards is dealt face up. A royal flush is the top paying hand, and it will also win the player the progressive if they have the side bet activated.

Pai Gow Poker

A hugely popular and very common poker variant, Pai Gow Poker is based on the Chinese domino game of the same name. A joker card is used as a wild card in this game, but it can only be used once per game as either an ace, or to complete a straight, flush or a straight flush.

Under no other circumstances can a wild be used. The player receives 7 cards, and they must then divide them up into two hands; a 2 card hand, and a 5 card hand. The objective is to make a poker hand with the 5 card hand, although an A-2-3-4-5 is the second highest straight in this game, after A-K-Q-J-10, but above K-Q-J-10-9. In the 2 card hand, a pair is the objective, if not then a high card.

The player will win if both hands beat the dealers, if the player wins only one hand, the bets are returned in a push. If the player loses both lands, they lose their bet. In a tied hand, the dealer wins.

Tequila Poker

Tequila Poker is another new form of poker. In this poker game, players bet on either the hand, or the number of point in the hand. First the player makes an ante wager, and then they are dealt four cards.

The player can choose to make a High Tequila bet, a Tequila Poker bet, or fold. The player must equal the ante to bet, and they will receive two more cards. A High Tequila bet will see the player get their ante back if they have 46 points or more over the highest 5 cards, with Aces counting as elevens.

Anything higher than that will be paid via the paytable. A Tequila Poker bet is based on the hands, and the player must have a pair of aces or better to get his money back, and possibly something from the paytable. There are two pay tables in Tequila Poker and the game is not played against the dealer.

10 High Hold ’em

And finally, we have 10 High Hold ‘em, which is another game, similar to Texas Hold ‘em. There are three types of bets, Regular Bet (ante), 10+ Bet (beat the dealer and one of your hole cards will be a ten), and Bonus Bet (use both hole cards to create a winning hand than is at least a 3 of a kind).

Once wagering is done, players can begin. Two hold cards will be dealt out to the player, and then 5 community cards will be dealt. From then on, it is down to luck. Either your hand will beat the dealers, or it won’t. Naturally, a royal flush is the best you can hope for here.

So you see, there are games other than Let It Ride, and although we’re still partial to our favourite poker game, why not try out some of these excellent poker variants too, and become a seasoned poker veteran in the world of online gaming?