Ladbrokes Experiences a Disappointing Leak in Member Information

A source in Australia reported that a man by the name of “Daniel” was reportedly offering the personal information of 10,000 members for the sale and review to the highest bidder. The classified information included some very personal details that are very private and most do not want disclosed about them. The information included the details of their gambling patterns and history, the home addresses , account details and information, birth dates, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses.

This information that “Daniel” had for sale was apparently leaked to the Media. At first the person claiming to have this information said that he considered contacting Ladbrokes directly to tell them that they had a security leak in their company but then he thought that going to the media was a better idea.

He said that he had the information of the 10,000 members to start and could also provide the information of an additional 4.5 million members as well. Ladbrokes immediately began contacting the members of their online casino to apologize for the breach in their privacy and to explain that everything was being done to keep the matter under control.


The matter is currently being investigated by the police as well as the commission bureau. This is a serious breach of privacy and this matter is being treated as a major case. In the meantime Ladbrokes customers and members are urged not to worry but will be kept informed on the outcome and the results of this case and are assured that they will do everything they can to protect the privacy of the information.