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United Kingdom Gambling Commission taking new steps

The United Kingdom Gambling Commission has announced their plan for October, which will be to setup a form of “two way conversation” between the regulation commission and players that are effected by the decisions of the organization. It will focus entirely on allowing United Kingdom based customers to be able to have a voice in the gambling world within the country. In reality, all of the policies implemented by the UKGC are put in place to protect the interests of the players, and so this new change will ensure that the customers are what gets put at the heart of decisions.

With the new plan the UKGC will be able to process information presented to them from consumers, which will help them gain a good understanding of what the needs of the market are. The commission believes that they will be able to effectively take certain positions regarding potential new policies that will serve the community. It will also reduce the costs of research, which has been the standard method of retrieving this data for policy decisions.

With the release of the new plan, the chief executive of the UKCG Sarah Harrison made it clear that they will be working hard on bringing in customer participation. She released a participation video that broke down the new plan into the various goals including transparency, clarity, and responsiveness.

This will also help out gambling operators because the level of transparency will allow for them to see changes coming and implement changes before they become official policy.

Responsiveness is one of the newer goals behind the commission. They want to become more efficient at tackling new problems for the gambling community and to improve their customer contact centre so that players can get speedy assistance. The UKGC will also be working on building various partnerships around the country, particularly authorities and gambler assistance programs, so that they can collaborate with other groups with a common goal.

Perhaps one of the more prominent partnerships the UKGC has taken up recently was with the Citizens Advice Bureau. This organization provides continual support for United Kingdom consumers, and are going to be a great source of consumer information. The project manager for the group, Katie Fry, is ecstatic about the new partnership and is happy that the Gambling Commission is taking a consumer approach to improve on.

If you are a customer that is based out of the United Kingdom, you can now contact the UKGC in order to provide your opinion on various issues and get assistance with any problems that you may have. Your insight might be the motivation behind a new policy to protect other customers, or it may contribute to statistical research that the UKGC can use to figure out various things about the market and how it can be better served.

This new approach is a welcome change that is certain to make gambling more consumer-friendly.