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UK Sports Betters Can Sell Their Opinion!

So now you can really put your five cents in! Or perhaps you can get five cents or more just for your opinion. There’s a new player on the online gambling front in the UK and that site is called Appropriately named, this site lets players seller their advice for making sports bets! And its just that simple, you can buy and sell advice on the predictions that you make about any given upcoming sporting event that other players can possibly make a wager on!

This great idea will likely have a lot of need and demand. Many people are always looking for an opinion of another and some kind of advice on if they are making the right bet with regards to a sports outcome. This is a place where sports advocates can buy and sell useful information about sporting events.

Essentially it is a market place similar to that of any other auction site where instead of selling a good or a service you are actually selling your opinion. So what is at stake and why cant you post some bogus advice or better yet buy some advice that is good for nothing, well its your reputation, and you aren’t doing this simply out of good will, you are doing this to make a profit, so the better you are at predicting these outcomes the larger following you will have which will surely lead to larger amounts of people buying your advice which in turn will mean that you are making more money!

 UK Sports Betters Can Sell Their Opinion! 1

For more information on this great new website that is sure to get a lot of hype in the next little while be sure to check out This site is available to all players and will be interesting to see what other products they will come up with in the near future!