Sweden Maybe Next to Outlaw Online Casinos

Although the US is currently the biggest country with the most effect on the online gambling community since the ban they imposed in 2006, Sweden maybe next to follow suit. In talks last week it appears as though Sweden may be the next country to pose a serious control on online gambling and online casinos.

While the US took the approach of banning online casinos and online bets almost entirely the Swedes plan to take a tad of a lighter approach on the situation. However still an approach that would majorly affect the online gambling community as a whole. The Swedish National Gambling Consultation group made a strong sanction that the Swedish government should not permit its population to gamble online in casinos that are not based out of Sweden.

If this were to go through it would lead to a ban on all other international websites that would have anything at all to do with playing for money or making any sort of wager at an online casino that is based out of anywhere in the world other than Sweden.

 Sweden Maybe Next to Outlaw Online Casinos 1

Similarly to the situation in the US this would ensure that Swedish banks and other financial institutions would also stop accepting any transaction with online casinos that begin with Swedish rooted citizens.

However, Swedish people that enjoy online gambling should not worry just yet. Many that are opposed this decision say that since Sweden is part of the EU it would be unlawful for them to outcast themselves like this due to the EU competition act and a decision like this would need to be made by the EU not just the Swedish government.