Sad Start to New Year for Online Casino 888

Its a sad beginning to the New Year for Online Casino company 888 as the co—founder and co-owner Aharon Shaked has past away from a serious illness in his home in Isreal. Shaked who was a Dentist by trade was one of two founders of the online gambling giant 888. He and his brother (the second co-owner) came up with the idea to start the online casino company after meeting for a Dental conference in the city of Monte Carlo.

After attending the convention in Monte Carlo and observing the action surrounding all the gambling the brothers returned to Israel and did serious research into starting their own online gambling company. Neither brother had any experience with online casinos or any form of gambling or online gambling whatsoever. They did their research in the casinos in Israel and in 1997 the company 888 online casino was formed.

The company which has many sub companies is one of the biggest names in online gambling altogether throughout the world. When asked Aharon said that even though the online casinos have brought wealth like he would never imagine he would not spend his time indulging in the money but rather help many charities that are established to help the children of Israel and he came true to his promises.

 Sad Start to New Year for Online Casino 888 1

The co-owner of 888 passed at the young age of 58 and will be survived and remembered by his family, brother, company and many fans across the world.