Rival Gaming Launches It’s First Online Casino Progressive Jackpot Game

The online gaming software provider, Rival Gaming has announced that it has launched it’s first progressive jackpot game called Major Moolah. The new game is its first progressive jackpot game and is their newest game. While this software just recently hit the online market, it is already very popular with slot players all over the world. Rival Gaming provides interactive software that is compatible with Windows and Mac to online casinos.

The game Major Moolah is a Progressive 3-Reel, 3-coin slot game, and is available for download at any Rival Powered Casino Software site. Almost all the Major Moolah Slot Progressive jackpots start at $2500, with no CAP on the jackpot. It climbs rapidly, without bounds until it is won and has an average payout of around $12,000. Coin sizes are $1.00 to $3.00 with $3.00 activating the progressive jackpot.

A jackpot is the highest payoff from Slot Machines and Video Poker, where the total amount of the jackpot prize increases a slight amount every time a game is played. Generally, several machines are simultaneously linked together to make a bigger progressive jackpot that increases quickly because multiple players are adding to the jackpot prize at the same time.

 Rival Gaming Launches It’s First Online Casino Progressive Jackpot Game 1

The total amount of the increasing jackpot is displayed on the screen of the game as a cash value. Typically, a jackpot is won by hitting the combination with the maximum prize. Once a progressive jackpot is won by a player, it is then reset to a predetermined start value set by the casino. The cycle starts again, with the jackpot increasing every time a new player is linked to a connected slot machine.