Poker Partnership Hopes To Attract More Indians

Asia has long been a place known for games such as poker. Lots of activity can been found in Vietnam, Japan, and China. India, on the other hand is not popular for poker games, in fact, India has been considered a place that would forbid gaming due to traditional religious beliefs and life duties. Interestingly, poker has found a way into the country and popularity is growing rapidly.

Popularity can be noticed by paying attention to the Asian Poker Tour. The tour said it should invite more Indians on the tour in order to gain the interest of Indians to the game. To remedy this, the Asian Poker Tour and the Indian gaming company, Baadshah Gaming signed an agreement that provides online poker to seek out Indian competitors.

The Collaboration

The deal between Baadshah Gaming and the poker tour is unique to Asia. According to the agreement, Baadshah Gaming can hold poker tour events throughout India. Additionally Baadshah is allowed to use the poker tour logo for promotional purposes. It will mainly be used on the website where there are several poker games available. There is a positive outlook for this partnership for all parties involved. They will all benefit from the popularity of the game in India.

Within the last several years the game of poker has grown quite a bit in India. India with its blossoming technology industry is actively seeking brand new collaborations with companies from other countries to play and promote poker online. The partnership country has with APT will give players that visit the Baadshah website the opportunity to qualify to enter the APT events starting this year.

About The Asian Poker Tour

Over 80 tournaments are hosted across the Asia-Pacific region by the Asian Poker Tour. The tour started promotion in 2008 and events can be found in South Korea, Macau and the Philippines. Even thought APT is a little smaller than a few of the United States poker tournaments it has grown tremendously over the past few years.

Gaming In India

The decision has not been made whether India will make online poker legal in country or not. The northeastern state of Nagaland has moved forward and got poker licenses, however in the west, Gujarat will not be licensing gamers. The west does not consider poker a game of skill so it can’t be legalized. Even though there isn’t a definitive future for poker in India, the deal between APT and Baadshah provides players somewhere to play outside the country.

The APT and Baadshah are both hoping efforts to bring recognition and money to the tournaments will still attract additional Indian players. Poker champions usually attract more players from that location whether locally or nationally.

Vivek Rajkumar is a good example of an Indian who travels back and forth from India to the U.S. for games. His winnings over the past 10 years has gained him close to $5 million. He has global popularity in the games because of that. If another strong player can come out of India the APT and Baadshah Gaming can benefit from popularity as well as convincing India to let more gamers get licensed. All of that would result in far more players competing in the tournaments.