Player Wins Jackpot Twice at Online Casino 32Red

The online casino group 32Red is happy to announce that one of their winners is lucky enough to hit a big jackpot not once but twice within a short duration of time at one of their online casino extensions Dash Casino. Both wins happened on the same exact slot game and were both sums that were over the 10,000 dollar mark. The winner was lucky enough to hit the jackpots within a matter of 5 months.

The winner who is from Canada was lucky and felt so when she hit a big jackpot playing the game in June of this year. She was playing the Lots of Loot game when she saw all the symbols come together and form her big win. But she didn’t stop there- this being one of her favourite games to play online she continued on and only a short 5 months later Kelly hit it again on the same game in November.

The casino manager said that while many players are lucky to hit big jackpots at their online casino it is really rare that they see the same exact player hit two large jackpots especially on the same exact game and in such a short duration of time in between wins, he also mentioned that he and his team are very happy for her and wish her only luck in the future as she continues to play the game.

 Player Wins Jackpot Twice at Online Casino 32Red 1

The only question now is, can Kelly make third times a charm? When asked she did say that she plans to continue to play and says she has just as good chances as anyone else to hit the big jackpot yet another time. After all what is the point of playing if you don’t believe that you can win?