Player Forecasts Future at Online Casino

Seeing the future would be great especially when it comes to lottery numbers and online casinos. One player at online casino has announced that she has done just that and urges everyone that she will be the next big winner of a progressive jackpot at this online casino.

The player that goes by the name of “ladyluck” told online casino representatives that she has had quite and intuitive dream and will be the lucky winner that is taking home the next big progressive jackpot from this online casino. She mentioned that she has had a vision in the form of a dream that was very clear and that detailed her win at the online casino on a particular progressive jackpot machine.

She says that everyone that is currently playing the game is simply making a subtle donation to her cause and there is simply no reason for them to be playing because she is certain that she will be the one that is taking home the winnings.

 Player Forecasts Future at Online Casino 1

The online casino representatives did not make many comments to this regard. They said that they are happy that this player is so confident in their winning power but there are absolutely no guarantees that are being made in any way and she will have to play just like everyone else in order for a chance to win.

The online casino rep did say that players that believe they could win have the same chances of winning as others but it never hurts to have a positive outlook towards the matter because if you do not play and believe then definitely cannot win.