Platinum Play has certainly taken their booming online casino business in a new and welcome direction for many gamblers who want to enjoy the same prestigious action while on the go. The Appstore now carries the Platinum Play dedicated app which has a lot going for it including $1000 in matching deposit bonuses. This is a trend within the gaming industry to attract more varieties of customers as well as given the current base even more chances to risk their money.

One of the great advantages of creating an app that gets its own place in the Appstore and other searchable repositories (Android Apps on Google Play) is that it allows for a variation of SEO such that it is more easily discovered based on keywords related to the games at Platinum Play. For online casinos that may not have achieved the name recognition as many of their peers this is good news. However, even without that name recognition Platinum Play has still been bring in a tidy profit. Things can only look to increase further with this latest innovation.

For newer casinos there are, of course, a myriad of other tactics such as buying existing websites so as to piggyback on their existing following by forwarding the action to their own house. Platinum Play is no rookie to the game as they have existed under this moniker for over 10 years now, but there is always the need to reach that untapped area of the market. Now the phone can be used to play their spin on the video slots, progressive video slots, table games, video poker and more.

It remains to be seen whether the ‘live action’ which Platinum Play offers online will be ported to the mobile devices as well. The Live Dealer section of the casino is dominated by the big names in software development so that some great action can be had with a live dealer to watch as part of the proceeding. It has consistently been a way to increase gamer engagement by giving them something more enticing than the plain pixels and bitmaps of traditional gaming programs. It is a few less algorithms as there is an actual human doing some of the work for games such as blackjack, roulette, baccarat and Texas Hold’em variations.

The dedicated app is certain to receive continuous updates as it can be seen that even in the Appstore it has already had quite a few iterations. Platinum Play has over 700 casino games available online, and it will probably take some time for all of these to eventually make their way to the dedicated app version. However, that is no reason not to download the software now and get in on the action early. Who knows? You might just be the next high roller by interacting through the use of smartphones (Android, Blackberry, Apple, Java or Symbian devices) or tablets (iPads, Samsung and Blackberry). The action is as high quality as seen across the spectrum of online casinos.