PayPal Back in Action at Online Casinos!

If you have been an online casino player for several years now than you will remember that once upon a time, about 6 years ago, PayPal was a great payment option at online casinos all over the web. Since then PayPal had not been accepting any transactions with online casinos or any other internet activity that had any relation to gambling.

The PayPal rules have changed and PayPal is once again beginning to process transactions with online casinos. In fact there have been more than 75 online casinos on the list that PayPal will cooperate with since the new rules last week.

PayPal allows consumers to feel very safe as it is probably one of the most trusted web wallets that is available to anyone out there making an online transaction to date.

PayPal Back in Action at Online Casinos! 1

There have been quite a few issues with online payments and web wallets in recent times. There have several scams on the internet with smaller web wallets and hackers able to intercept the system and get away with the money of others- but not with PayPal!

Online Casinos will be very happy to work with a company like PayPal once again and are more than relieved that they are able to offer this secure method of money transfer to their customers. Online casino players were very happy to hear the news as many people already have money in their PayPal accounts and they are ready to get it into an online casino and can now do so without a problem!