PartyGaming and Bwin Join Forces!

What could possibly be the reason behind these two heavyweights merging a partnership? Well, how about the fact that the ban on online gambling in the United States has been lifted! It’s a very smart move for Austrian based Bwin to make, as UK based PartyGaming once ruled the U.S. online gambling market.

After the U.S. ban lift was announced, PartyGaming announced the next day that Bwin would become a partner.

The coupling of these two gambling giants has bookmarkers worried, as they each bring a lot to the table. Before the 2006 federal ban on online gambling in the United States was imposed, PartyGaming was ranked the number one online gambling company in the world. After the ban, many bookmarkers were forced out around the world, as well as PartyGaming.


The 2006 federal ban hit many online gambling operators hard, but hands down, PartyGaming was hit the hardest as 70% of their players resided in the United States. They went from ranking number one in the world to sliding down to fourth place.

Now that the ban has been lifted, PartyGaming will be able to come back in full swing and bounce back from their losses, and take back their number one title.