Party Gaming Sees Great Numbers from Their Stock Price!

The publicly traded Party Gaming is happy to report that the first week in March showed some incredible rises in stock price as the stock climbed from an already nice number of $301 dollars to $321.90 dollars by the end of the week! Investors were happy to see this happening and said that the growth in the stock price had a direct relation to the numbers of success that were reported from the company earlier in the week that said Party Gaming as a whole had a strong finish in the last quarter of 2009 especially with regards to their Party Poker division.

The company is hoping that this continue into next week as everyone is happy when these type of results are displayed!

There are many reasons that the company as whole has reason to believe that they will continue growing. While online gambling continues to grow in popularity around the world, they are also happy to announce that the government law suit between the US and PartyGaming was concluded last year and they are free of the legal battle.

 Party Gaming Sees Great Numbers from Their Stock Price! 1

The company had also spent last year making some acquisitions into smaller online casinos that turned out to be a worthwhile investment and making a bigger name and brand presence for themselves. In turn this is all paying off and the online gambling company is on route for another great year.

The rise of this online casino gaming stock is bringing up the prices of other online casinos that trade on the London Stock exchange. It will be interesting to see what happens next week and if the trend in the rise of the prices continues!