Online Poker Celebrates the Movies

The very popular online poker room is celebrating the online poker scene at the movies. The online poker room is having a special promo this week that will focus on the new movie that is starring John Travolta and is called From Paris With Love. will be giving players everything that they are looking for! They are holding a special tournament in honour of the movie that will be giving away a total of 5000 dollars in prize money and above that will also give players the chance to win some cool movie merchandise as well as passes to see the movie. The tournament will have different levels and many prizes will be available throughout these levels.!

The reason that is backing this movie in such a strong way is that the movie does feature the online poker room and does give the site a great deal of promoting value. The action movie is filled with many great moments and is sure to be a success at the theatres!
The movie is live in the US and other parts of North America already but opens this month in the UK and France which is the reason for this promotion on The movie is not about online gambling but the part that does see Travolta doing some online gambling is the site that is highlighted and featured in the film! Either way its a great time to take advantage of the promotion as well as a great time to see the movie as well!