Online Gambling’s Future is Bright

A recent report by iGaming Business as stated that the online gambling industry is only expected to grow in the future. It has been on a steady incline for the past decade and shows no signs of slowly down, according to the online gaming publication.

Although there was a downswing last year due to the global recession, this year has seen a great deal of growth. As the recession continues to come to close, an increasing number of gambling fans now have more disposable income available. They can now spend their money more freely, and online gambling gives them the opportunity to do so.

Currently, the online gambling industry is worth about $4.7 billion, but by the end of the 2014, it is expected to nearly double to about $7 billion worldwide.


Social networking is the key to the growth of the online gambling industry. More and more casino operators are using websites like Facebook and Twitter to solicit new customers and maintain relationships with existing players. It is important that operators take advantage of the vast opportunities that are out there because they will certainly contribute to the growth of the industry over the next couple of years.

Also, the opening up of many different gambling markets around the world is sure to help the online gambling market grow. France and The United States are expected to be some of the most lucrative markets in the world and they will both be of great value to the industry at large.