Online Gambling Site Offers Christmas Shopping Promotion

The online gambling site which is a bingo online gambling website has released a new promotion today where players can fill up their very own holiday stockings this December all on the bingo room. Depending how much the players play in November will lead several lucky players to wonderful shopping trip in London this coming December.

If you are the lucky winner of the prize you will have £500 to spend at a top London department store. The luxury wont end there because if the player has any problems making a shopping decision they will be allocated a personal shopper to give advice to the indecisive. As if that wasn’t enough they will then continue to enjoy a beautiful gondola ride and continue by spending the night at a fancy dinner and accommodations- now how is that for a stocking stuffer?

What else could anyone want for a Christmas special? Sign up now and enjoy great sign up bonuses as well as this wonderful special. The more you play the better the chances of winning for you and friend to enjoy this wonderful experience.

 Online Gambling Site Offers Christmas Shopping Promotion 1

Once this promotion is over the site promises to bring new and exciting promotions similar to this for the new year. The players at this online casino always give positive feedback as these promotions keep them coming for more and more online action.