Online Gambling Site Cantor Gaming Allow Players To Withdraw In Pounds Or Euros

Most online casinos currently allow players one way of depositing money into their account. The Company Cantor Gaming Group, which is comprised of, and, has revealed today that they are planning to allow their players the option to deposit in their accounts what they wish either Pounds or Euros. The members can then continue to view and use their respective accounts in the currency that they have selected.

This will allow players to know what they are spending at any given moment as all bets that are made will now be displayed in the currency that they pick. If a player selects to play in Euros than they game will show that they are betting one Euro instead of one credit or one chip. This will also eliminate the need of making a conversion and losing money way before making the deposit, allowing players to add a little extra into their accounts or keep that extra money for something else of their choosing.

This new idea was a hit among many including several affiliate companies that were happy to advertise this information since they were turning their efforts to the European markets and the currency mainly used there is the Euro. Now players from Europe will no longer have the need to convert to US dollars and can withdraw and deposit in their native currencies.