Online Gamblers Believe They Aren’t Doing Anything Wrong!

There are many online gamblers that play because they love to play! That is it! It is that simple. In fact there was a recent study held by Ipsos Reid that asked a panel of 1000 Canadians as well as an additional panel of 1000 Americans about their thoughts on online gambling. 49% of Americans thought that online gambling should be completely legal and 55% of Canadians agreed to this vote. There were a very large amount of both Americans and Canadians that are under the impression that online gambling is still in fact completely a legal activity.

While the US and Canada has separate legislation there are parts of the US that allow certain types of online betting but not others. With regards to Canada online gambling is permitted in most parts of Canada but not all – and there are certain rules that govern the type of online gambling that Canadians can participate in.

While a sample of 1000 people from each country is not a giant one, it is still significant enough to point out that the government is going against what people actually want and implementing rules that are in their favour without regard for the desire of the public. It will be interesting to see what results and what actual rules are indeed passed and put in place.

 Online Gamblers Believe They Aren’t Doing Anything Wrong! 1

Either way North Americans prefer that they can continue or begin to play at online casino as they so desire and barring any problems they should do as they please!