Online Casinos at the Horse Races

If you have played at a land based casino in the past, you have surely seen that there is usually some action where the horse races are being avidly watched. Well now an online casino (which will have to remain unnamed for the time being) is being introduced inside a land based casino! Funny enough the online casino is working closely with the land based casino to see if slower areas of the land based casino can benefit from offering the online casino option inside.

Previously these areas were usually filled with slot machines but now the areas are linked to a wi-fi capable computer type monitor where players can log into that particular online casino and play what ever games they wish while watching a sporting event, such as poker, blackjack or any other game for that matter!

What a great idea with bringing the online casino and land based casino together and helping them both to earn revenue from one another. It will be interesting to see what the reaction is from the public once this launches within Europe. There are no laws that stop this from happening so it will be good to know what the reaction is because it will be a good tell to see if something like this could be a remote possibility within North America in any way.

 Online Casinos at the Horse Races 1

But for now, those in Europe can enjoy some extra gambling even when they already in the casino! So we will see what we hear and keep you posted how the online gambling is going inside the casino!