Online Casino Urging Players to Play for Free

Chances are that in some point in your life you have played on a slot machine. Be it in a Las Vegas casino or your local casino or perhaps it was on a Caribbean island or maybe even a cruise! But have you ever played a video slot machine at an online casino? Well, one online casino, is urging you to do just that. The online casino is encouraging players to log on and play for free while they get a feel for playing online.

Will playing for free win you any real money? The unfortunate answer to that question is no. However, once you have played for free for a while and are ready to make a deposit and create a real player account then you are offered $7 free real money dollars to do with as you please just for joining the online casino.

Perhaps playing with these seven dollars could end up making you rich. Simply by playing your favourite video slot game. The Online Casino which is somewhat a new comer to the industry has a large variety of slot games for players to choose from while either playing for play money or while they choose to play for real money also. Players have the opportunity to earn reward points that will allow them to win prizes and perhaps even more money.

 Online Casino Urging Players to Play for Free 1

You can try this or other online casinos now by logging on and create an account. There are plenty of games that offer progressive jackpots so the amount you can win just gets bigger and bigger as you play!