Online Casino Software Shares Rise

Anything with regards to the stock market seems like risky business these days but investors seem optimistic when it comes to Cryptologic shares in the recent days. Yesterday the stock grew a whopping 35% driven by the hope that the US is more than likely to pass a bill that re introduces online gambling back into the US markets.

US government officials announced yesterday that a new bill has been developed and introduce for the passing procedure. The chances for all the wonders coming true seems to be high and optimistic as the new government is in agreement that the US requires a more liberal internet and less stringent internet regulation as a whole.

Online Casino Software Shares Rise 1

Many agree, as the main argument from the general public is that since they are not doing anything entirely illegal people should be able to do what they want with their hard earned money as long as they are not compromising anyone and not doing anything wrong that can harm someone else.

Financial Analysts predict that if this bill is passed then all online casino and land based casino stocks will likely rise almost immediately due to the previous popularity of online gambling prior to the entire ban and regulation.

Analysts also anticipate that a new form of online casino will be created as many land based casinos are likely to enter the industry if permitted to do so and are likely to be quite popular once they are available online to the general public and throughout the world.