Online Casino Software Provider Stock on the Rise

The online casino software provider known as Playtech has seen their stock in the green after a deal was made with online casino called Casino Gran Madrid. The stock price has been growing in recent times even through the down turn in the remainder of the stocks that are traded on a regular basis.
The software provider is definitely showing their competition CryptoLogic that they are a force to be reckoned with as one company keeps pulling a one up on the other with deals that are happening in their industry.

After Playtech announced their deal with Marvel, CryptoLogic came back stronger with the announcement of their new deal to showcase online casino games that feature characters from popular Hollywood productions. Playtech did not let their rival bask in the glory for too long as this new announcement comes only hours later.
The online casinos that are powered by either of these companies have been happy with their services but some have tried the services of both these companies and are happier with one versus the other.

Playtech says that they will continue to have a strong year in 2009 and promise to have new cutting edge games and software available to their clients in the online casino world.

 Online Casino Software Provider Stock on the Rise 1

CryptoLogic while running new software and launching games seems to have some troubles lurking in the waters as well as yesterday came an announcement about their latest earning show casing a large loss over recent times to the tune of over $33,000,000 dollars but promises of a stronger 2009!