Online Casino Slot Jackpot Ready to Go at $4.7 Million

Nevermind playing the lottery this holiday season, the Mega Moolah progressive jackpot has reached over $4.7 million and people are saying it is almost ready to go. Truthfully, no one can really know when this jackpot will explode but one thing is for sure- it will make someone extremely happy and will more than likely change their lives forever.

The Mega Moolah slot is a 4 reel progressive video slot that is available at several online casinos on the web and was developed and licensed by Microgaming. The progressive slot has seen many people playing this game this holiday season with the hopes of winning it big! The jackpot hit the $4 million dollar mark in the middle of October this year and predictions say that it is likely that it will reach the $5 million dollar mark by Christmas if no one hits it big before than.

The largest online slot jackpot to ever win currently stands at $5.6 million which was won at online casino this past spring in April. The player said that something like this is absolutely amazing and has completely changed his life. Now wouldn’t that be a great story to tell for the holidays!?!.

 Online Casino Slot Jackpot Ready to Go at $4.7 Million 1

There are other progressive jackpots that players can currently explore and enjoy online right now but none as high as this one has recently climbed. So do not miss your chance because you can’t win if you don’t play and you may just be the next lucky winner!