Online Casino Lawsuit in South Africa

There hasn’t been much talk about the laws with regards to online gambling in South Africa. About a year back the government in the country had passed certain laws that were to rule and govern the online gambling activity that was originating from the country. It has been quite some time since this law and since nothing has changed and the law is still undergoing a review process.

The Gambling Commission in South Africa is now saying that by July a decision will be finalized and there will be final clarification and enforcement to the online gambling laws within the country. The plan is to have made a proper infrastructure by the time that the summer months come along.

There are many online casinos that are excited to be legalized and are anxiously awaiting approval and processing to begin their operations within the country and to gain yet another market of very avid online casino players. While this is the case there are more than a few illegitimate online casino operations popping up and accepting online casino players from South Africa as well.

 Online Casino Lawsuit in South Africa 1

This is exactly what the countries government did not want to happen but nothing can currently be done with regards to those choosing to take their money to play with off shore. There will be harsh punishment for those that break the online gambling laws such as high fines and imprisonment.