Online Casino Introduces New Slot Game

Video games are not just for kids anymore, in fact the popular video game for Xbox, “Call of Duty” is rated for a demographic of a rather more mature nature. The game is a role playing game where soldiers have two teams that are at war against one another. Cryptologic which is a large software provider for online casinos has just designed and implemented their own version of call of duty for a video slot game at one of their online casinos.

Intercasino is first online casino that will receive the “call of duty” video slot game at their site. The game is a standard 5 reel video slot game with 25 pay lines and very interesting and fun bonus round that when entered requires the player to aim with the mouse and shot as many enemy soldiers as possible in order to reach a higher bonus number and win a bigger bonus amount.

This game is very true to the video game version making the casino version an extension of the game that is played on the game console. A special feature is also when select explosions occur in order to set off bombs making bonus chances possible and lighting up extra symbols on the players screen.

 Online Casino Introduces New Slot Game 1

The game is sure to be a big hit for Cryptologic as well as the Intercasino Company which is a part of the Cryptologic family of online casinos. This is only the beginning of the many games that Cryptologic is planning to launch this year.