Online Casino Gives New Players a Chance to Play for Free

There’s a newly revamped Online Casino called Royal Vegas and they are currently offering a whole days worth of free play for its newly joined members. Their current offer of 100 free spins has been largely multiplied into the now 1000 free spin offer. Leaving new players the opportunity to play all day long!

The now extended 1000 free spin offer will give new players to play an assortment of slot machines offered at this online casino and a chance to try many of the games new or old. This will also allow players a much better opportunity to win some money and even keep their winnings. IF a player wins anything 200 euros and under, it is theirs for the taking! The player has an option to keep the money in the account and continue to play on or simply withdraw the money and keep it.

If that isn’t enough the site is also offering a deposit match bonus of 100% for amounts that are 100 euro or less. The Royal Vegas online gambling site is well known in the industry with a trusted reputation and has been established over 8 years ago.

 Online Casino Gives New Players a Chance to Play for Free 1

Royal Vegas is a division of the Fortune Lounge group of Online Casinos which is considered to be one of the world’s elite members of a group of online casinos.