New Slot Brings Back Memories!

The online casino has just launched a new game that is called Bon Appetit and is having players go back to their childhood days of playing memory! The game where you would have a whole bunch of upside down cards and there was only one identical match for each card.

In the game the player must match at least one set of delicious food items and drinks in order to move forward and win prizes. The game is powered by Neogames and is a nine line slot game that can lead to a massive 200,000 dollar prize pool if all the items are matched up.

The game is sure to be a hit and popular amoung many players because it is a very easy game to play and players can have a lot of fun with this game reminiscing about old times when they used to play the game as children. The prize money can be paid in other currencies as well such as the UK pound or even the Euro should the winner be more comfortable with that currency! The game will also be available at online casino so you can check it out at either of the two online venues and be sure to check for great deposit bonuses before creating an account and moving forward!