New Reactions for Online Poker from Online Gamblers

If you have watched TV in the past few years then you are sure to at least flipped through one episode of either the World Poker Tour of the World Series of Poker. It seems as though poker is becoming a large phenomemon that has not only hit the previous poker players but is now big among the mass market of those that have come to play poker online.

With poker being so huge and CryptoLogic providing the majority of the software for many online poker rooms it was a huge shock when WPT personal opted to end their relationship with Cryptologic. Players and members of online poker rooms were left to wonder what if anything would become of the poker world and where they would go to play.

After a short lull and hush in the online poker playing community the World Poker Tour announced that would continue to provide their fans and members and disclosed a new relationship with is a child of the Inter Casino parent company.

 New Reactions for Online Poker from Online Gamblers 1

The new software company promises to accept all poker players new and old and plans to create many new relationship with other poker rooms that currently have a very visible presence online and some even offline being sponsors of big poker giants around the globe.

The WPT network has many affiliations and is proud to sponsor several players to continue to play online to promote the popularity of poker. They offer a variety of poker competitions and satellites that allow players the possibility of making the final table at many tournaments including the main event.