New Promotions for Internet Gamblers

The very popular online casino company is offering their new players a variety of bonuses to choose from. The first offer in the promotion is the option to choose a one hundred percent deposit bonus of as much as $366 dollars. Another option is to choose a $46 dollar bonus for simply depositing a small amount of $14 dollars into the new account that they create.

With television ad campaigns becoming more and more prevelant within the online gambling community, 32Red took this opportunity and ran several new advertisements during the holiday period that focused on the quantity and quality of games that their online casino has available as well as the variety of bonuses that currently have and would have to offer in the new year.

The Marketing manager for the company mentioned that giving their players choice in bonuses is a unique approach that will allow the player to choose the best option for themselves and give them a say in what they want for their particular needs. This is a new angle that most online casinos have yet to adapt to.

 New Promotions for Internet Gamblers 1

The online casino is also excited for the timely release of several new games that they plan to launch this month in combination with all the advertising that is surrounding the bonuses and the games.

The Marketing Manager also made a point of stating that while we are looking to acquire new members they are also planning to maintain a strong focus on the current members as they are an important part of the business and it is one of their first priorities to keep these members happy, interested and satisfied to keep coming back for more chances to win.