New Online Casino Offer on Cell Phones

You wished for online casino games at the tip of your fingertips no matter where you are and you got it! Popular online casino has released a new set of games on a platform called Casino-on-Net and playing there online casino games on your mobile device is as easy as logging on online on your personal computer at home.

The online casino is very happy to announce that members and those that are looking to become members can log on to the site and load the software onto their mobile device and begin to play within seconds of logging on. The option to play for play money rather than real money is available for players that are not quite ready to take on the real money games at the beginning.

The software that is available from is tried and tested and is promised to be as secure as any monetary transaction should be. While not yet available on all mobile devices the download is already available on several phones from big brands such as Nokia, Sony-Ericson and Motorola as well as the iPhone and other brands to follow in the near future.

 New Online Casino Offer on Cell Phones 1

Players that download the software will be awarded a special 100% sign up bonus of any amount up to 200 dollars on their first mobile deposit. The online casino download is available through a request by text message or a direct download from the browser on your mobile handset device. For more information you can visit the online casino website and start playing as soon as you would like.