Mecca Bingo Introduces New Games

Mecca Bingo, known as the home of bingo, is excited about the launch of two new bingo games at their online site.

The first game is Cashline. The game is an 80 ball bingo game and requires players to find 16 numbers on their bingo ticket. The best thing about this new bingo game is that there are lots of different ways to win. Players will be able to see what they are playing for before the games begin, whether it is all four corners, the middle 4 squares or a full house.

The second new bingo game to be launched at Mecca Bingo is Joker Jackpot. Players who love card games as well as online bingo will love the addition of the new games. It is still bingo, but it is nothing like players are used to. Instead of drawing out balls they draw from a deck of cards and to win players need to match their cards to the ones being drawn. There are only 9 playing cards on a ticket and only 54 cards in the deck (including the jokers) which means this great new innovative game is much quicker to play than traditional bingo games. To win, a player needs to complete the J pattern on the card and then move on to play for the full house.

 Mecca Bingo Introduces New Games 1