La Isla Online Casino Restructures Its Bonus System

La Isla Online Casino is trying a new way of offering a deposit bonus to its customers as more and more online casinos are seeing less deposits being made to their accounts mostly due to the latest downturn in the economy and possible fear of what the financial markets will bring next. Doing something different seems like the only thing that online casinos can do to stay on top of their game.

When asked about the situation the casino manager explained that while the amount of people signing up and depositing money to their accounts is basically the same as in previous time it is the amount that they players are depositing that is actually less by more than 25 percent. Therefore they have to figure something that is geared towards those making smaller deposits and so have decided to offer their members a deposit bonus on every single deposit that they make for amounts as low as £21.

Their bonus for new players that are just opening a new account will continue to be a 100% of what the player deposits the first time and a whopping 150% of whatever their second deposit may be. They go on to say that they would like to focus on every kind of player with every kind of budget rather than putting all their efforts towards members that are considered high rollers only.

 La Isla Online Casino Restructures Its Bonus System 1

This online casino is based and licensed out of Antigua and is part of the Playtech Casino group which has been around in the gambling community from 1989.

The online casino will continue to offer online gamblers a safe and fun environment and assure that they will only work harder and harder to ensure that the players that join find their site an enjoyable experience at every visit and look forward to coming back time after time.